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The Hearts of Darkness : The Vernal Eclipses of 2015

The vernal ingress of 2015 is bracketed by eclipses. The first is a total solar eclipse taking place on the same day (03/20/2015) as the equinox or ingress and the second, a total lunar eclipse on April 4th, 2015.

A Solar Eclipse is a new moon or conjunction of the lights at which the Moon has little or no latitude and so, shuts off the light of the Sun. This means that the Sun, Moon, and Earth are all closely lined up. Some think the effect of gravity increasing tension at the point of the eclipse track increases the chance of earthquake and volcanic eruption. This may be so and astrologers have found some connection between seismic events and eclipses. Yet, it is a matter of more likely rather than certainty. The track of the Solar eclipse will run from just south of Greenland in an arc just south of Iceland and on up toward the North Pole. The Solar eclipse will not be visible in other parts of the world. This may aggravate the Icelandic volcanoes. The eclipse will be visible over northern Europe as far south as the Mid East. The Total Eclipse (or near total) will be visible only as far south as England and Scandinavia Astrologically ( and logically), the more complete the eclipse, the stronger its effects. This elipse at 29 Pisces will be in effect for about 6 months or until the Autumn Equinox.

In most years we have two Solar Eclipses (and, yes, we have another coming this year) but on rare occasions ( about once a century), there may be as many as five. There were five solar eclipses in 1823 and 1935. Possibly there has been one other year featuring five solar eclipses falling between 1935 and 2015 (80 years) but I don’t think so.

The solar eclipse will fall at 29 Pisces. Falling in a mutable sign is why it lasts so long but also why its effects will be intermittent and probably not produce a singular event but rather a rash of lesser events on the same theme. The first place to expect to see the effects are in the area of visibility, next in places ‘ruled’ by the same signs, and then in places of the same quality, in this case, the other mutable signs ( Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius). It is to be expected that the eclipse will most strongly affect Iceland, England, the EU, and Portugal as well as other European capitals where the eclipse is visible. Next in Pisces places which is why Portugal was mentioned and then in other mutable places. Among these are Saudi Arabia (Sag), The United States (Gem) and Brazil (Vir). In each case, while some eclipse specific effects will appear, the ingress chart set for the capitol and the last Jupiter/Saturn conjunction, also set for the capitol of the place of interest, give essential context. As can easily be observed, events vary a bit in timing and nature from place to place. Astrologically this is due to differences in the angles and houses of the chart for the eclipse and for the context charts mentioned. It is also helpful but not necessary to have a foundation or birth chart for the place of interest. The usual method for placing the effects of eclipses, portents (comets and novas), and major conjunctions; is by the use of the mundane signatures of places which includes their history (including sensitivity to transits), land forms, minerals, vegetation, and products for which they are particularly known. There is also a method using fixed star coordinates which is quite accurate but somewhat tedious when done by hand. Sensitive axes are also to be considered such as those discovered by Smiljana Gavrancic, a noted Serbian astrologer.

During an eclipse, the effects of fixed stars are also more pronounced as their light is more easily seen, at least in the area of the eclipse.

The solar eclipse at 29 Pisces

For the consideration of effects, I have consulted the works of HS Green, Raphael, and Bonati in addition to my own judgement.

The chart for the eclipse is set for mid-eclipse at Reykjavik, Iceland.

The effects will be intermittent and are expected to last 6 months.I have looked at the ingress for Brussels as representative of the EU and Washington for the US, although in the US the effects will be later and less pronounced. Iceland will be almost immediately affected, but I haven’t had a look at that ingress. The European effects for the UK and the EU will be almost immediate and continue intermittently for 6 months as well. The US and Brazil will experience modest effects in the last third of the period during the 8 weeks preceding the autumns equinox.

The big question mark in this eclipse is how strongly it will affect the Icelandic volcanoes since these have been known to interfere with European air travel and weather. There may also be intermittent seismic activity and changes in the ice sheet in Greenland. If seismic activity appears in Iceland, I would expect it within a Moon quarter or about a week of the eclipse. It would then continue intermittently for the balance of the period.

Eclipses in mutable signs as this is, have complicated and involved effects which are not always easy to trace unless the eclipse is angular (which it will be in some places). The eclipse does not result in one striking event but more a wave of similar and lesser events. The mutable eclipses are noted for labor troubles, strikes, crime, sickness and want; they are connected with religion and education, and are followed by many accidents to travelers. Expect excess rains, damage from floods, deaths by drowning, accidents on water and trouble for occupations connected with water and liquids (Oil maybe, off shore rigs could be affected by seismic activity), sickness, danger of epidemic, increased death rate, death of a prominent person, mysterious crimes difficult to detect may follow.

Raphael, who takes his cue from Ptolemy says to expect sedition, cruelty, and inhumanity. This probably translates to more outrages by ISIS. I have noticed that the last degrees of Pisces often indicate treachery and unreliability of allies as well. Saturn has a term here and that may well account for this and for Ptolemy’s attributes. Don’t count on any agreement being fulfilled to the letter.

The house notes from Green apply to the place where the eclipse falls at ingress (later the same day). Do bear in mind that the effects for the EU will be much more pronounced and swift while those for the US will be more modest and later.

USA : 7th house - Foreign affairs may be disturbed and will cause problems, international relations will present difficulties, danger of an enemy or rival gaining advantage, not fortunate for the government, scandals. Several scandals and controversies are currently in progress including some anti-corruption investigations. Some of these will become public and come to a head. In addition there are the disturbances in Ukraine and Syria and tensions in the Pacific and India.

EU: 4th house - unfortunate for the government and for the success and welfare of the nation, the people will suffer in some way shown by the sign or planet afflicting, In this case there is no drect affliction but there is a loose fire trine with the heavier planets retrograde. ill feeling between the classes, some great and well known person may die or suffer downfall or discredit, unfavorable for crops, for agriculture, and for land, mines and real estate. Not good as the 4th is the foundation, there are the neighboring conflicts for which the EU is unprepared to affect in a military way and there are issues with GMO, immigration, and financial arrangements. Greece will continue to be a problem and there are several other financial difficulties simmering. The symbolism of the 4th as ‘the end of things’ should not be overlooked.

The eclipse falls very near the fixed star Scheat (beta Pegasi) which repeats the themes of danger and loss in connection with water and general misfortune. This star is variable at 2nd magnitude so it also reinforces the mutable nature of eclipses in this sign and indicates significant but second tier effects.This means, if a 1st magnitude star indicates a king and global notice, the 2nd magnitude shows a prince and national notice. In this case we would expect difficulty for cabinet level ministers rather than say the prime minister or president.

In all cases, the dispositor of the eclipse is Jupiter retrograde. This means a few things. First, due to the retrograde and the importance of the Jupiter/Saturn cycle in mundane affairs, there is the suggestion that issues long simmering are headed for resolution but, by fits and starts. There is mutual reception so the dispositor and the eclipse tend to support each other and there is a focus on financial matters but Jupiter also magnifies the effects of treachery and confusion due to his retrograde. And Jupiter is just leaving the term of Mercury for that of Saturn. Moving from discussion to decisive action. The square of Jupiter and Saturn in early August will probably mark the peak of effects.

The Lunar Eclipse at 14 Libra

The sources used for delineation are the same and the chart is set for mid-eclipse at Wellington, New Zealand. The lunar eclipse will have some effect throughout the Americas but will be most apparent in the Pacific.

The effects will be short sudden and sharp as the eclipse falls in a cardinal sign. A lunar eclipse in a cardinal sign seldom has effect for more than one month, so we are looking at a period from April 4th to about May 4th which is also the next full Moon The eclipse is in cardinal air. Venus disposes and Uranus opposes. The eclipse is near Algorab (delta Corvi – 3rd mag) and opposed Alpheratz ( alpha Andromeda – 2nd mag) Fortunately perhaps, the effects will not last long (perhaps a month) but begin immediately. Note that Algorab was a prominent influence at the 911 event. At that time, Saturn was at 14 Gemin and is now moving into the early degrees of Sagittarius. Saturn will oppose that point in February and May of 2016.

The area of visibility for this eclipse has been the scene of seismic activity in recent years and may well indicate a sudden earthquake or eruption in New Zealand, Alaska, Kamchatka or along the West Coast of the Americas. Most at risk is New Zealand.

This eclipse in Libra will produce effects quickly but will soon be over. It is liable to cause trouble to the government and the common people. This will be especially true for the United States where it falls on American natal Saturn in the house of government. It is also bad for agriculture and crops. Libra is associated with foodstuffs and this may indicate shortages or damage to stocks. This may be followed by major political changes and affect trade. This should be interesting, the government may fall. Expect litigation and challenges in the courts as well as scandals affecting high officials. In an airy sign, it brings high winds and destructive storms. The legislature is unfortunate and bills fail to pass. Party splits and defections appear. Foreign affairs cause trouble with disturbed or changed relations between nations. Questions arise relating to treaties and alliances. Stormy weather, literally and diplomatically, not to mention increased domestic political contention. Raphael following Ptolemy merely says, pernicious to everyone. Yes, indeed but this doesn’t say much about how. The second decan of Libra is ruled by Saturn and in the Tarot is the 3 of swords which is titled Sorrow. Many regrets, much comes home to roost. Much sorrow. Note also that the eclipse falls on the fixed star Algorab and in the term of Venus and so is more likely to affect women, especially those in positions of importance.

The eclipse is conjunct the fixed star Algorab. Algorab is a double star in the right wing of the crow of the nature of Mars and Saturn. It gives fiendish destructiveness, repulsiveness and lying. It is also connected with scavenging.

The eclipse is opposed Uranus and the fixed star Alpheratz (alpha Andromeda). This is also a double star suggesting multiple effects. Independence, honor, freedom, love of riches, keen intellect. Benefit from practical application of ideas, psychic power, domestic harmony.

Possibly an independent response to terrorist outrages and some new technologies suddenly revealed. And a reminder that suddeen storms, earthquakes, and volcanic activity are more likely during this period and in the Pacific region.

The lunar eclipse will be more notable in the US than the EU but most pronounced in the Pacific. Accordingly, he eclipse in the ingress houses at Washigton and Brussels.

USA 1st house : Social and legal changes follow and give rise to anxiety. The government suffers and some great personage may die. Unfortunate for national health and success. Popular discontent and disturbance. Workers suffer with possible strikes. Unfortunate for women and children. These effects will be moderate compared to the Pacific region.

EU 11th house : Unfortunate for parliament and the passage of legislation. Dissensions, loss of seats or a critical bill, death of a member, obstructions and hinderances. Possible unpopularity abroad or loss of an ally.

These effects will be minor if noted at all in comparison with the Pacific region.

Venus disposing the eclipse from Taurus and unafflicted also moderates the effects and suggests a silver lining to these events although the events themselves of terrorist outrage and seismic activity are horrific. Venus will be in terms of Mercury suggesting improved trade arrangements, at least as far as that is possible under the confusing and treacherous effects of the Solar Eclipse. Evenso, Venus also conjuncts the Jupiter/Saturn 2000 conjunction and applies to Algol which is another difficult fixed star. Well, there may not be a silver lining from this source.

Concluding Remarks

By considering the eclipses as they fall in the ingress, national and municipal charts of interest and taking into account current affairs, some very definite and accurate predictions can be made. Generally, I can say that there will likely be seismic and political disturbances as well as stormy weather in Europe involving treachery and confusion. I can also say that the lunar eclipse in the Pacific will probably be the more consequential of the two and indicates both seismic activity along the Pacific rim and probably terrorist incidents . In the Americas, it indicates scandals and difficulties for the governments of North America. And, in the affected areas. An increase in litigation is also likely.

While I did not emphasize it nor do I think the charts do, both eclipses idicate an increased risk of epidemics. If this bcomes an active risk, it vill probably appear as Saturn re-enters Scorpio in June and goes to square Jupiter in early August. . One could write a book on this but considering both time and space, this offers a good thumbnail and context of the eclispes.

The Heart of Darkness

There is no clear connection with Joseph Conrad’s novel that I know of but the title was catchy and the symbolism is apt. The theme of Conrad’s novel was also used in the movie Apocalypse Now. Both represent a journey of dark discovery.


The charts for the EU and the US are available from so many sources on the internet and books that I can’t count them. The chart for the US is Sibley as it is traditional although controversial. The EU begins as the EEC with the public declaration at Rome on March 25, 1957, at 6:20 pm. The eclipse charts were found using almanacs and the Kepler software package.

My delineation sources are Mundane Astrology HS Green and Raphael 1977 and Bonati on Mundane Astrology translated by Ben Dykes and excerpted form Bonati’s comprehensive Book of Astronomy. Of couser there are other bits and pieces whose source I don’t recall and the collected observations of my studies.

March 18th, 2015
Jonathan Flanery

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