Wednesday, September 16, 2009

2012 : Smoke and Mirrors?

For the most part 2012 doesn’t look of much more interest than any other year. Astrologically that is. But, the New Age community is making a lot of noise about it which seems to have something to do with the ‘end’ of the Mayan Calendar. These same folks have a view of the Maya that appears to be quite different than what the archeologists have been able to dig up and piece together so far. It’s an interesting contrast.

Traditional astrologers don’t see much in 2012 and moderns note some important aspects and move on. Using a fusion of traditional methods and modern discoveries, it may be possible to get a better idea. First it will be useful to digress for historical background.

In the mid 19th century, America gave rise to 3 new religions. These were Spiritualism, Christian Science, and Mormonism. All three have remained on the margins although Spiritualism enjoyed considerable attention through the 1920s and Mormonism is thriving, at least in Utah and among Federal civil servants. Spiritualism had some step children so to speak. A stream called Spiritism split off early on with the publications of Alan Kardec. This stream became popular in some French and Spanish speaking countries and is sometimes called the Latin branch. Perhaps more importantly, the Latin branch became quite popular in Brazil. Here it combined with Catholicism and Voudou to give rise to Santeria. All these developments appeared at the same time as the discovery of the planet Neptune. Other events of the time were the Opium Wars in China and the introduction of medical anesthetics. These developments appeared between 1840 to 1860 with Neptune discovered in 1846. The main focus of activity for Spiritualism was and remains, America and Great Britain. For Spiritism and its offshoots, Brazil. It should also be noted that Japan was reopened to the West in 1854 by America.

Moving forward a little over a century, a visible nova appeared in Pisces in the summer of 1975. This ‘coincided’ with the conclusion of the Portugese colonial war in Africa and a coup in Portugal which over threw the military government in favor of a socialist one. Also in 1975, America completed withdrawal from Vietnam ending another 10 year colonial war. There have also been a series of prophecies and events centered on Our Lady of Fatima in Portugal. Portugal has Pisces for an astrological signature.

What ties these threads together is that Neptune will return to the sign in which it was discovered in 2012. That sign was Pisces and connects with Portugal but, due to both astrological and historical considerations, also with the United States whose signature if Gemini, and Brazil whose signature is Virgo.

During the period when Neptune is in Pisces (2012-2026), Neptune will join a very bright fixed star called Fomalhaut. Due to the powerful dignity of Neptune (it is in both domicile and quadruplicity) and the proximity to the fixed star and later conjunction, this is a period in which a great spiritual leader or movement could emerge. It will also be a period of floods, deceit, treachery, and poisonings. Of course there is also likely to be resurgence of the movements which appeared with the discovery of Neptune and the usual mixed bag of Pisces frauds, mystics, artists, and garden variety nuts. The influence is likely to be most active in the US, Portugal, and Brazil. Look for new drugs, new religions, and new scams; and it won’t always be easy to tell truth from fiction.

In Copan Guatemala, a Maya site, there is a strong possibility of seismic disturbance. Probably an earthquake or volcano. The Yucatan and Central America generally fall under a Scorpio signature although it is likely that Nicaragua is more Pisces and another place to watch.
If visible comets or another nova appear in any of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces), there will be additional disruption and more specific notable events.

It remains to look at the figures of the inception of the movements appearing with Neptune and the locations of their centers for a more specific consideration of how they will fare. Obviously charts for Joseph Smith’s revelation and the establishment of the state of Utah are of interest, the establishment of the centers connected with spiritualism : Lily Dale, NY, Camp Chesterfield, IN, and Casadaga, FL as well as the publication of Davis’ and Kardec’s works and Eddy’s for Christian Science. The Our Lady of Fatima events assume greater interest as does the emergence of Santeria. National Capitals of Portugal, United States, and Brazil at ingress and eclipse times will also be revealing. Yet, one can only do so much at a time.

2012 then, without too much detail looks important due to the return of Neptune to the sign it occupied when discovered. The influence is liable to be stronger and far reaching than one would normally expect for a change of sign but, this is due to the presence of a bright fixed star. Considerably more can be explored by looking at the charts associated with publications, organizations, and places which played a role in the initial wave of manifestation of Neptune. There is a good chance that an influential religious leader or movement is indicated but also a spectacularly good swindler or scam artist. So keep your eyes open as we move into the second cycle of Neptune since its’ discovery.

~Jonathan Flanery

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